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Our Story


On the face of it every business is about numbers, balance sheets, profit and loss. However behind every business there is a shared vision and a journey of making that vision a tangible reality.

Though a business is looked from the lens of growth and revenue however there is a human side to it.

A Innocule’s story is one of perseverance, hard work and grit of overcoming odds and the thrill of walking in unchartered territory.It is also a story of serving the world with our talents and vision, of creating value for others and working for a larger purpose.

Innocule started back in 2014 with two founding members Gyan Ranjan Das and Surbhi Sarna. A dusty old lab at IMMT, Bhubaneswar was our first office. Just like any startup Innocule was low on funds and resources but rich on ideas and energy. In the early days that dingy little room at IMMT filled in not just as an office but also a research lab, canteen, meeting room and store.


Our thrust area was to fill in the huge gap of Indian mineral industries who were struggling with low grade ores.

We began with lots of experimentation, reading, trying, testing, failing and then repeating the entire cycle again. This initial phase helped us in zeroing in what our clients were looking for. Right from the inception we were focused on research and over the years this has become our core strength. This approach helped us to come up with products that were solving massive problems for our clients. The success of our products helped us establish ourselves in the mineral industry.

From a rusty old lab with a team size of two, Innocule’s family has grown to a size of fifty in 2021. There is a manufacturing facility and a modern research lab at Khurda, Odisha. Our initial struggles helped us to learn many prerequisites for running a business and in hindsight we can simply not help but marvel at our journey. Though the challenges of establishing a manufacturing company largely remain however the beauty of seeing a vision transform into reality offers unparalleled joy.


Innocule was Founded.

First Product Flumix was launched

Innocule Became Profitable

Land allotted for factory at Sarua 

Manufacturing unit was commissioned

Awarded National Entrepreneurship Award

Expansion of factory at Sarua








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